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Zhongshuo group by Dachang electrical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., in Ling Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Tesla Co., Ltd., win creative (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., zhongshuo (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen zhongshuo prosperity Co., Ltd.. Members are mainly engaged in the production and sale of electronic components, electronic connectors, connectors, charging piles, the solution of the major brands of semiconductor devices, smart home solution services; Rohm, Lapis, Infineon, TI......
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Hong Kong address: Hong Kong Chai Wan Kang Ming Industrial Center 23, the word building, room 2301 
China Address: Shenzhen Longhua new city streets Minzhi Avenue No. 325 East Business Building No. 1188
Tel:0755-27972493 Fax:0755-27990085 Emall:hksales@zhongshouhk.com
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